Get Your Roof Fixed NOW!

If You’ve Recently Experienced Roof Damage or Filed an Insurance Claim, Get Your Roof Fixed NOW!

If You’ve Recently Experienced Roof Damage or Filed an Insurance Claim, Get Your Roof Fixed NOW!

Roofing companies in Dallas regularly work with homeowners who are in the midst of insurance claims due to storm damage. And, although we see claims at all times of the year, springtime is inevitably the busiest season due to the high volumes of hail and wind that roll through Texas.  

In addition to the high volume of hail and wind claims we work on; we also encounter many homeowners who decide to postpone the restoration process because they want to wait out the storm season for fear of more damage. 

Waiting out the weather to try and get the most out of your insurance claim is NOT a good idea. Here’s why:


It’s true. If you don’t fix your roof as soon as possible after a storm, the likelihood of you incurring more damage is very high. Other storms will come along that increase the size of the leaks in your roof, tear off more shingles, and there is a chance that the damage could spread to the inside of your home and cause mold to grow. Your roof is your frontier; this is the shield that protects your property. The least you can do is allow us to put tarps on the damaged areas.

You do not want to experience the headache additional damages bring on. Mold can spread quickly and getting rid of it is much harder than replacing a roof. We are in-n-out in just 1 DAY on most roofs.

By taking charge and fixing your roof right away after a storm, you are more likely to be back to living in a fully functional, comfortable home with a safe roof in no time! 


When you file an insurance claim for hail or wind damage Roofing Wiz will work alongside you through the claim process to ensure that you get all your damages in the scope of work and that this is covered by the current market price.

Once funds are received to fix your roof, the insurance expects you to begin on repairs right away. If you fail to do so, you will NOT receive extra funds for any damage that occurred as a result of an unfixed roof. And, in our experience, if you wait, additional damage is highly likely to occur.


A common misconception related to roof claims after a storm is that if you don’t file a claim, your insurance premium won’t go up. The only thing you achieve is saving the insurance company its cash. The premium will go up anyway, because all of your neighbors will file the claim and in the insurance companies’ book, that adds risks to the neighborhood, to the zip code, and to the county.

They will not exempt your property because you have not filed this time, nor you are in the same risk category as your neighbors. The insurance company cannot punish you for filing a catastrophe claim; this is something you are not responsible for! It’s not like running a red light (Please don’t do that!)

Insurance premiums are mainly determined by the location of where you live. Therefore, if your zip code experiences a significant number of storms and multiple homeowners file claims, your insurance premiums are likely to increase even if you did not file one yourself.  

So, if you’ve been sitting on your roof damage waiting for another storm to pass or are hoping to save money, it’s time to take action! Call Roofing Wiz today! We will walk you through the entire process from determining if you have enough damage to file a claim, to providing a roof and any other repairs your property may require. 

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