If you need your roof replaced, or even if you think it might need to be replaced, it’s very important to know what your insurance will cover. It’s also vital that you choose the right company to do the work. Here are some of the most commonly asked insurance roof replacement questions for you to consider.

Does your contractor know how to work with an insurance company?

There’s a protocol in working with insurance companies, and hiring a quality contractor means that protocol will be followed in a way that can help protect and benefit you. Remember, the insurance company is working in the best interest of itself and its shareholders. While it has to be fair to you and pay legitimate claims, it’s not really on your side.

So who is on your side? We are at Roofing Wiz! As your contractor, we understand that the success of our business relies directly on your success when it comes to your insurance claim. We know how to properly work with insurance companies, while protecting your rights and best interests. You can have peace of mind when you work with us, knowing we’re working to make sure you get great quality and a fair deal from your insurance company on your roofing claim.

Can you profit from the insurance claim?

When you get a check from the insurance company for the actual cash value of your roofing claim, you can pocket the money and pay someone to do small repairs of what’s visible or leaking. But if a roof gets assigned for replacement, it has to be replaced. No small fixes will help in the long run. So if you choose to only make small fixes your roof won’t be insured any longer, and you won’t have a quality roof or any kind of warranty. If another storm comes along, you’ll be on your own.

At Roofing Wiz, we can help you avoid all that. By paying your deductible that will be the only cost you’ll be responsible for, and you’ll get your roof replaced properly. You’ll also get upgrades to the current construction code, quality materials, and a warranty on the work. That peace of mind and level of protection are worth far more than the few dollars you might be able to put in the bank from profiting on your roofing insurance claim.

Why not just hire cheap labor from the home improvement store parking lot?

You can hire anyone you want to fix or replace your roof. Your insurance company doesn’t care, and they’ll send you the check for the actual cash value of your claim. But if you pick someone you don’t know anything about, instead of a quality roofing repair company like Roofing Wiz, you won’t get any kind of warranty on the work. We understand that you’ll have plenty of insurance roof replacement questions, and that you want things done right the first time.

Just hiring a random person from the parking lot of your local home improvement warehouse isn’t going to give you peace of mind. Plus there’s a chance you won’t get someone who can do the job safely, efficiently, and properly. Work that isn’t done right could cost you a lot of time and money in the long run. With us, you won’t have any risk or stress at all.

How does the process of insurance roof replacement get started?

The process of getting your roof replaced through insurance should start with a property inspection. At Roofing Wiz, we provide an inspection free for our customers. With a good inspection before you make a claim, you can be sure to get all damages repaired and have the property restored to a pre-loss condition or even better. At Roofing Wiz, we will handle all your damages. We are truly a one-stop shop for after storm restorations.

We will take care of your fence, garage doors, garden furniture, interior leaks, broken windows, what more. We will also do any emergency repairs for no cost to you, before the insurance representative shows up, so your property doesn’t sustain more damage while you’re waiting. We treat our customers like family, and we will work with you to file the claim, meet with your insurance representative, and make sure nothing is missed. It’s a no-stress process once you choose Roofing Wiz.

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