What to Expect During a FREE Roof Inspection from Roofing Wiz

After any significant storm in Frisco, Texas it is always a good idea to get a roof inspection from a reputable company and an even better idea to get a FREE roof inspection from Roofing Wiz.  

You can schedule a free roof inspection for a time that is most convenient for you using our online scheduling calendar.  Once you do, here’s what you can expect!


PART 1:The first inspection with Roofing Wiz is a general damage inspection that will help you decide whether or not you have grounds to file a claim with your insurance company. 

During the initial damage inspection, our team will climb onto your roof to check for…

  • Any signs of damage to your shingles. 
  • Confirmation of soft metal pieces installed on your roof.
  • Hail damage to your gutters, downspouts and fascia boards.

Once our roofing experts have noted all of the hail damage to your roof, they will go over their findings with you to help you determine whether or not you should call the insurance company and file a claim.

PART 2:  If the first inspection determined you should file a claim and you choose to work with Roofing Wiz for your roofing repair or replacement needs.  The second inspection is conducted to find EVERYTHING that was damaged during the storm and to help prepare for when the insurance adjuster comes to your home to do their own inspection.  

At this time, we will inspect your roof further to see exactly what needs to be done for your roof to be restored to pristine condition and to ensure that you are getting what you deserve from the insurance company.

During the second inspection we will examine…

  • The type and quality of shingles currently installed on your home. 
  • The strength of the decking on your roof. 
  • Whether or not hail damaged was sustained to any of the other roof parts including vents or turbines. 
  • Any damage on the inside of your home caused by a faulty roof.


During both parts of your home inspection, you can expect great service from the Roofing Wiz team, because your happiness is our priority! We know that filing a roof claim from hail damage is stressful, so we work to minimize that stress by communicating clearly with you and the insurance company to guarantee a smooth process and satisfactory results!

So, if you live in Frisco Texas or somewhere close by, and find yourself in need of some roofing magic, schedule your FREE Roofing Wiz roof inspection today and let us show you what we can do!

Roofing Wiz

Roofing Wiz

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There is not much that’s exciting about roofing for the homeowner. It’s always a stressful time and a substantial investment. Roofing Wiz does its best to make roofing as stressless as possible. We are in-n-out in one day in most cases. Carefully planned and quickly executed roofing!

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